Sunday, February 18, 2018

Did Putin Orchestrate the Trump Presidency?

In the Indictment of the 13 Russians and the 3 companies that conspired to put Donald Trump in the White House, it is charged that the Russians started their activities in 2014.  Donald Trump is crowing about it because he claims he had not decided to run yet - a point which isn't relevant, if Putin is the one who convinced Trump to run in the first place.

When Trump traveled to Russia for the Miss Universe Pageant in November of 2013, I think Putin and his operatives quickly saw Trump's desperate need for approval from a strong man figure (not a callow, privileged cadet with a curled lip who got 5 deferments from the Viet Nam war because he was in military school and lastly because of BONE SPURS.) A malignant narcissist is always at the mercy of his own need for approval.

Donald Trump in military school
holding bowling trophy

Trump was later to claim that he never met Putin, but since he lies continually, I can't believe him. He may have had a private meeting, but it was probably not even his first, since he has been getting millions of dollars of funding for his golf resorts from Russia for many years. These extensive financial ties to Russia go back to at least 2007 that we know of, and probably before that. Several of his top administration aides and department heads have multiple strong ties with oligarchs and their banking institutions, some even sitting on the board of the most infamous bank that launders money from these creatures.

[In 2008, Donald Trump, Jr. famously announced that "we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia." Trump's ties to Russia are longstanding, and, like everything else with Donald, it is all about the money.]

In June of 2013, Donald Trump appeared to be courting Vladimir Putin with a tweet that read:

"Do you think Putin will be going to the Miss Universe Pageant 
in November in Moscow - if so, will he become my new best friend?"

~ Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump ~
18 June 2013

A few months after the trip to Russia, Trump posted a glowing approval of Russian oligarch Vladimir Putin.

"Putin has shown the world what happens when America
has weak leaders. Peace Through Strength!"
~ Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
28 Apr 2014

You can see in this tweet an obvious bromance brewing between Trump and Putin, but I doubt it was mutual. Putin was grooming Trump, pumping his ego, encouraging the hero worship, and schooling Trump in a philosophy convenient to the Russian state.

Between Trump's late 2013 trip to Russia and his capture of the oval office, he frequently mentioned Putin and Russia in his tweets and his speeches, all of it glowing with approval for America's traditional enemy, which Reagan used to call "The Evil Empire." In one astonishing speech, Trump invited Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton's emails and release them. Putin obliged.

Comedians made hay with Trump's INVITATION TO RUSSIA.

You can see the video yourself, all over the internet, including the web page of the LOS ANGELES TIMES

While Obama was still in office, it became known that Russia had hacked the Democratic National Committee, had released Hillary Clinton's emails, had undergone an extensive social media campaign designed to foment discord in an already fractious electorate and had worked to ensure the election of Trump.  The Obama administration struggled with the question about what to do with this information received from U.S. intelligence agencies.

When the Obama administration was preparing to leave office, there was some concern on the part of that administration about how much Trump and his crew could be trusted with sensitive information about Russia, because Trump's love affair with Putin had made everyone wary, and they were not sure whether Trump was a cooperator or a stoodge.

Indeed, even though Obama issued sanctions against Russia just before he left office, and sent 35 Russian diplomats back to their country, Putin, apparently, had been told by the Trump administration that they could count on their reversal, once Trump came into office, so Putin did not retaliate against the U.S. for the sanctions. He thought they had no teeth. Lately, it appears that Trump has not followed through with his promises to Russia, and Putin has issued a warning that he may have to retaliate after all. Those of us familiar with Trump's poor character are not surprised that he would violate an agreement with an entity that helped him win an election. He has no loyalty to anyone but himself. With all the talk about Russia over the last year, and the release of the indictment, he can't afford to do anything that would actively help Russia.

My voting experience goes back to 1972 - the first year I was eligible - and there has been no scandal that comes anywhere near this magnitude of what we have experienced with the Russian attack against our democratic process. The danger to our national security that this presents is extreme.

I have been overwhelmed and shocked by the election of this morally bankrupt, incompetent liar. Learning that one of America's biggest enemies was instrumental in placing him in the White House makes the puzzle fall into place for me. I find it encouraging that, even though Russia launched a massive campaign against Hillary Clinton, in favor of Donald Trump, he still did not get the popular vote, which means that most people in America have some sense of decency, dignity and honor. The only reason he is president today is because of the stupid electoral college, which I pray is eliminated very soon.

Some disappointment remains that my fellow Christians have defended his hateful policies, refused to believe truth, refused to investigate him thoroughly, and resolutely supported him, even while he continues to fund Planned Parenthood. Their primary excuse for voting for this horrible little man was that he was "pro life" - which is a huge lie. The hypocrisy has made me cry every day.

"Not everyone who saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into 
the kingdom of Heaven;but he that doth the will of my Father 
who is in Heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven."
~Matthew 7:21 ~

It is my fervent prayer that my fellow believers adjust their values to Christian values, rather than what is currently being passed off by the Republican Party as "Christian." Modern Republican politicians advocate policies that are hateful, bigoted, misogynistic and hurtful to the poor and vulnerable - all of which are the opposite of what Jesus preached. This false association with Christianity is responsible for the election of Trump. Russia merely took advantage of our weakness in this regard. We are not helpless against them. We can repent of our mistake and do better next time.

God save us all.

(C) Copyright 2018, Silver S. Parnell
All rights reserved.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


The Resurrection of Christ
Pietro Perugino

The season of Lent presents us with a perfect opportunity to examine our lives and do a course correction in whatever way is needed. There ARE specific rules about fasting and abstinence from meat during Lent for Latin Catholics, of course, but this is a bare minimum requirement that establishes a foundation for a more comprehensive program, in a well developed spiritual life.

"On the Fridays of Lent, we remember the sacrifice of Christ...
and unite ourselves with that sacrifice through
abstinence and prayer."

We have all heard about the fasting and abstinence required of Latin Catholics in the 48 days or so that lead up to Easter. There are limits to its usefulness for the sick, the elderly and the poor, for various reasons, which I'll enumerate below, but first I would like to talk about keeping the spirit of the Lenten season.

Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemene

When you live as a solitary, accidental or otherwise, the ways in which one is NOT wholly in tune with God on a regular basis is fairly obvious to the intellect of those who are honest with themselves.

All I have to do is look around my apartment to see what is standing in the way of a more robust prayer life, and a more continual meditative mood. I have too much stuff, and I bet you do too! When you have STUFF, you have to maintain it, clean it and store it. Occasionally, you use it, but do you use everything that you have?

Every few years, I really need to do a major overhaul when I find myself moving STUFF from one spot to another and obsessing over storage needs. I have developed a program of simplification to address it.

The process is (1) eliminate (2) organize/store; and (3) Allot the extra time you've saved to prayer and meditation time.

Jesus knocking at the door of your heart

Areas of clutterbug infestation include:

Clothing and shoes
Somehow, I accumulated a lot of clothes. Now, almost none of them fit because I've lost quite a bit of weight. Boxing them up and giving them away is a blessed relief. I am going to return to wearing a monastic uniform, of sorts - not an obvious habit, mind you, but I will simply return to wearing only the gerua color peculiar to the vows I took many years ago that set me on the path of devotion to God alone. (Gerua is a range of peach to orange or orange-brown that Hindu and Buddhist swamis wear and which was worn by Father Bede Griffiths after he established his Catholic ashram in India.)

I have created a pattern for a long dress that I like to wear, and I will get some fabric and make a few for myself.

Me - on the day I took my religious vows
Many years ago and many pounds ago!

What happens when you limit the number of colors that you wear is that, first of all, matching your tops and skirts becomes easy. Fewer clothes are needed. All you have to do is figure out how many changes of clothing you need between wash days, and get rid of the extra stuff.

If you can't bear the idea of just wearing one color, pick 2 or 3 colors that appeal to you and do not keep anything that is not in that color range. The colors you choose should be complementary with one another, so that you can mix and match, if you so choose. You won't waste time trying to find a blouse that matches the skirt you want to wear that day because all your clothes "go" with one another.

A current picture

After getting rid of the excess clothes and shoes, I would cast an eye over the rest of the laundry and see if there is anything you are not using. How many sets of bedding do you have? Do you have extra towels you never use? Is there a pile of laundry in the hamper or on the floor that has been there for more than a month? If the answer is "yes," then you don't really need anything that is in that pile. Give it or throw it away.

You can only wear so many pieces of jewelry at one time. Keep the family heirlooms (or pass them on to your progeny NOW, if they're old enough), pick a few things you wear all the time. Give away what has no resale value, then take your silver and your gold to a local company that buys and sells precious metals by weight. You can find them in the yellow pages. Whatever they give you goes into the donation box or your parish envelope (in addition to what you customarily give.) Giving alms is another valuable Lenten tradition.

Jesus feeding the 5,000

Things that others have given me sometimes clutter the house. I have felt obligated to keep them, out of loyalty to my generous friends but, on the other hand, if I am not using them and they are just occupying space and gathering dust, isn't there another person who may have need of these items? Several mugs are going into a box with some other housewares. Do you have a lot of knick knacks you've kept for sentimental reasons? Perhaps someone else in the family would like to store them for you? If the rest of your family won't scream, you could even donate them to the Salvation Army or a similar group, as I am doing.

Take a look through your supply of china and housewares that are meant for use with visitors. How many visitors do you typically entertain? How often? How many sets of dishes do you really need? Keep what you like and use. Donate the rest. Do you ever use that waffle iron? What about the griddle? The bread maker? Be realistic about what you will use and what will continue to gather dust.

Mental Baggage
As usual, I have "buried the lead." Getting rid of mental baggage may be the most important Lenten practice that I do. I renew my vows of forgiveness to all those who have hurt me. Mind you, when I do that, it is considerable. I have been violated in every way imaginable during my life. Relatives have stolen from me, lied about me and abused me. A husband has abused and tortured and tried to kill me. Even nuns in the Hindu convent spread mean, untrue stories about me. Worst of all, I was gang raped at 14. I have experienced a lot. It is no wonder that forgiveness is an ongoing process that I have to decide to do every day.

Jesus crucified

When you are cleaning house and eliminating things you do not need, things that are occupying your mind when it could better be spent praying and meditating, remember to put down the heavy burdens of resentment and grudges because holding a grudge is like "drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die."

Jesus endured far worse, yet he forgave all.

Try to see all the sins committed against you as an education that enables you to put yourself in the shoes of other sufferers and to feel the most compassion a human can feel. The greater the assaults against you, the kinder a person you have the chance to become. Don't waste the opportunity!

After you have completed the elimination of all unnecessary items in your mental space and your personal living space, it is time to address the subject of storage.

Throwing a pile of junk into a box and sticking it in the garage does not qualify as proper "storage" because it is unusable. It will simply sit there, waiting for you to handle it the next time Lent rolls around. You haven't simplified your life when you do this. You've just hidden the evidence of chaos.

This part of the process may cost you money or some physical effort, or both. Modern people do have to keep some things. At the very end of the process of elimination, you should be left with considerably less STUFF than that with which you started. Now, it needs to be stored in a manner in which it is able to be used.

I have a particular problem with filing papers. I never get around to it. If you are like me, I recommend having your bills converted into electronic copies that get stored in the internet cloud somewhere. You can't do that with valuable documents, of course. You'll need to save actual car titles, receipts and warranties and things of that nature. In fact, you may have to copy them to the cloud, but whatever bills can be converted to an electronic format, I recommend you do that.

Every person's STUFF is peculiarly their own, and I can't really say what will work for you. Because I am disabled and mobility challenged, I do not get out very often to do any shopping, but I have great luck on Amazon, which delivers even furniture. If you pay careful attention to the reviews for each item, you probably won't have to return very many things, if any at all. You can look up "office furniture" or "storage." It even accommodates an individual sense of style. Look up "shabby chic" or "French Provincial," and you'll see what I mean.

"A place for everything, and everything in its place" is a cliche for a reason. It WORKS.

Once you have finished the simplification process, and everything is in its place, you'll find yourself with a lot more time on your hands because you won't be juggling STUFF to the degree you were before. Not only that, but the tidiness of your living space may also inspire you and have an edifying affect on your mood! Lenten prayers and meditation may be more fruitful.

Christ's descent into Hades

At the same time that you are working on the simplification program, Latin Catholics have obligations to fulfill with regard to abstinence and fasting.

Here are the basic rules:

(1) Abstinence is the refraining of eating meat of any kind, except for fish. It is required of everyone of any age on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and every Friday during Lent.

(2) Fasting is required for Latin Catholics between the ages of 18 and 59 on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. During the fast:

"a person is permitted to eat one full meal, as well as two
smaller meals that together are not equal to a full meal."
~ United States Conference of Catholic Bishops ~
[Read about the Lenten fast in detail HERE]

(3) Sundays, since they are days of celebration and feasting, are not included in Lenten acetic practices, but individuals may choose to include those days, if they wish.

Exceptions are made for illness

The Church appears to presume a middle class existence when it makes some rules, which is odd, because there are more than 40 million poor people in our country today. Poor people are often not in control of the type of food that is available to them on any given day, and their lives are a continual exercise of privation when it comes to food. Abstaining from meat, since it is a very expensive dietary component, is often something one is forced to do all the time, unless one is willing to eat the dreadful meat mockeries that are sold through various drive-through restaurants.

"Substituting" meat with fish is also nonsensical for some, since it is considered even more luxurious than meat and is more expensive, even in the drive-through restaurants. You can get a small hamburger for as little as a dollar, but fish sandwiches are rarely as inexpensive as that. Habitual poverty turns these fasting rules upside down.

by Silver S. Parnell

Many of us, in addition, are continually dieting as a means of weight control. Ever since I was a child, I have had a terrible time keeping my weight down. Seemingly, when I am not looking, it balloons up and I have to take hold of the situation and push the pounds back down the scale.  I have managed to take off about half of my excess weight over the years. This continual diet constitutes a perennial fast, and it makes no sense to pretend that abstinence and fasting are a special, added penance.

Poor people eating at a shelter

I am poor because I am chronically ill and unable to work, so my lack of participation is officially excused, but I hope the other 40 million poor people realize that The Church is compassionate and won't fault them for being unable to follow Lenten prescriptions to the letter.

If you are able to adhere to the letter AND the spirit of the law, I say, "do it!" If not, just remember that the point of Lent is to participate in the sacrifice of Christ through some variety of penances during the time leading up to Easter, when our Lord rose from the grave in glory.

God bless us all.

Silver Rose Parnell
(c) 2018 Copyright
All rights reserved.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I think I'm going to have a heart attack if the news continues in this vein. Every day is a fresh horror. When I read the latest sadistic method that Trump and his Nazis have devised to hurt the poor, sick, disabled, elderly and marginalized, my heart starts to race, and I seriously wonder if it is damaging my heart.

Donald Trump's new budget slashes food to the poor, ESPECIALLY to the unemployed. That's right, Donald, kick them while they are down.

Further cuts will be made by forcing people to eat what the government provides, in the form of canned food delivered in government boxes, paid for at cut rates, with no fresh fruits or vegetables. It may have calories, but anyone who has watched television for more than a few months in their life has surely absorbed enough information about a healthy diet to know that this diet would make people sick. Canned food has almost no nutrients whatsoever, and the older one gets, the less able one is to digest many things. Everyone seems to have their own special diet after age 50 or so.

I have no dog in this fight. My Social Security income is slightly too high to qualify for food stamps or any other assistance that our government is slashing right now, except perhaps for a small reduction in rent, if I were to sign up for HUD housing vouchers during the two weeks a year that they are available. I would then have to wait 3 to 5 years before getting a voucher and would have 30 days to use it or lose it.

No, I am one of those older disabled people who fall through the cracks. My illnesses create a lot of (expensive) needs, but my income falls just over the cutoff line because I worked for more than 30 years to support myself, and my Social Security is about the same as the income of someone living on minimum wage. If I was WORKING, I would qualify for food stamps and Medicaid and other programs, but because my income is (supposedly) "unearned," I don't get anything. Thank God for kind Catholic friends who help me, otherwise my survival would be in question.

Anyway, I am not hysterical with grief over Trump's hatred of the poor because he is cutting programs upon which I rely, because I don't. No. I cry every day for the poor people who are being smashed into the dirt. I cry every day at the gross, disgusting prejudice and hatred for the poor that is being cultivated by the well fed. I cry every day that these well fed people consider themselves Christian but they will surely go to Hell for participating in making the lives of the poor an abject misery.

On some level, these people must know that when they blame the poor for their conditions that they are lying and giving false witness. I have to believe that one day they will wake up and realize how cruel they have been, repent and change their ways.

In addition to prayers for the poor, which are needed now more than ever, I ask you to pray for the hard hearted, well fed, hateful Americans who take the bread out of the mouths of the poor while impugning their character at the same time.

Silver Rose Parnell
(c) copyright 2018
All rights reserved.

Monday, February 12, 2018


Women are becoming hostile and confrontational on Facebook.

I know. This isn't news, exactly, except in the degree and number of sustained campaigns of the hostilities.

I have noticed that more people are coming out of the shadows and becoming exposed as real bullies. Usually, it is women who are morphing into wolves. I have read that women do this when they have no power in their mundane lives, but I really don't know the answer to this muddle.

In any case, the she-wolves seem to be intent on launching multiple series of attacks against people of differing points of view and forcing unnatural confrontations. I suspect that a good deal of the fuel for these may be an animal instinct that is rising up, possibly as a result of political instability and cultural upheaval that is making some people feel insecure. I do not believe that mere differences of opinion can account for the psychological savagery that is being acted out.

It isn't enough for the bully that she has the space to air her own views, knowledge, opinions, and fears. Bullies have begun to actively harass others, circling and attacking, over and over again. The bully does not tolerate that an opposing idea may live and will not let up until the enemy is dead.

The bully appears to be saying to her mark, "I'm going to attack you unmercifully in a series of aggressive posts until I've overwhelmed you with frustration, and then I'm going to make you wrong because you didn't push me away nicely enough" This is a type of gaslighting peculiar to social media. The bully creates a reaction, then blames the mark for its existence.

Can we blame this on the fear caused by a frightening political situation?

Our president and his administration have created an environment that loosens the movement of hatred into the environment, like a noxious fog. Will anyone be left standing when this is over? Will America ever recover from this fractious, belligerent era? Your guess is as good as mine.

Other than praying for guidance, I cannot say that I have the answer to this growing restlessness or the petty online skirmishes played out, with full teeth barred, on social media. When a bully unmasks herself and comes after me, I block her as soon as I realize what has happened, but I am often slow on the uptake, still a bit naive about the relentless focus behind these attacks. Remember, I have never met these people in person and have missed the opportunity to absorb whatever physical clues to  their temperament may be available to me in real time. People with unmet ego needs often give off a certain type of energy that can be felt. All I know is that I'm beginning to feel like an injured antelope. I'm beginning to feel like LUNCH, and I am rethinking the degree to which I want to be present on Facebook, despite my relative isolation.

So far, men have not come after me, thanks be to God. I suspect they have real battles to fight and don't need to assuage their egos or their fears by tromping on a poor, elderly, disabled woman.

Please pray that the animal blood cools a bit, calmer heads prevail, and the bullies take a chill pill and go back into their caves for a nice nap.

Silver Rose Parnell
(c) Copyright 2018
All rights reserved.


Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, celebrated author of  David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol, among more than a dozen other published novels, specialized in exposing the rank and heartless class consciousness in Victorian England. His own father was consigned to debtor's prison for some time. He would have felt right at home here in the United States of America in 2018.

"If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity,
I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal."
First Epistle of Saint Paul to the Corinthians

We pretend that we are different than the English from whom we battled to free ourselves because we do not have a system of nobility, with the attendant inherited wealth and status. No kings and queens for us! No counts, dukes or duchesses. We are egalitarian. In OUR system, anyone can (supposedly) rise through the socio-economic classes and arrive at a place where they too can thumb their noses at the poor and accuse them of every character defect under the sun - just like the English of Dickens' time!

"And if I should have prophecy and should know all mysteries, and
all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so that I could
remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing."
First Epistle of Saint Paul to the Corinthians

Many Americans behave as if poverty is the result of sin. If you are poor, in the minds of a large segment of our population, it means that you persist in doing something wrong. You are lazy or criminal or crazy, and privileged Americans are happy to tell you so!

"Jesus said: Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not
commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not
bear false witness."
Matthew 19:18

Making these claims accomplishes two things for those with greater means. First, it makes them feel superior to a LOT of people, and who doesn't like that, right? [As of 2015, there were more than 43 million Americans whose income fell below the official poverty line, as set by our government, which is really too low to accurately reflect the number of people struggling with basic survival needs.] Secondly, it gives the "upper classes" the perfect excuse to justify lack of charity, thus enabling them to cater to their own greed and avarice.

"Charity is patient, is kind; charity envieth not, 
dealeth not perversely; is not puffed up; 
is not ambitious, seeketh not her own, 
is not provoked to anger, thinketh no evil;
First Epistle of Saint Paul to the Corinthians

Nowhere is this more evident than on Facebook, where bragging about your blessings appears to be a national past time, but woe be to you if your life is not sun-kissed and full of roses. What if your news isn't that you just built a pool in the back yard? What if, instead, your news is that you ran out of food before you ran out of month? Or what if you simply don't have the discretionary income to purchase FUN things that the woman who married well can purchase (and brags about.) What if THAT is your news?

"Jesus saith to him: if thou wilt be perfect, go sell 
what thou hast, 
and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure 
in heaven: 
and come follow me."
Matthew 19:21

Recently, I joined an inkle weaving group on Facebook. I plan to make crocheted tapestry-style handbags that use inkle woven bands as the strap.[I am always trying to improve my circumstances with whatever art project I can produce at home.]  If I can fast track my skill building, I hope to sell the bags in a little Etsy shop or something similar. I'd hoped to learn as much as possible while waiting for the time when I could squeeze out the money for an inkle loom. Joining the inkle weaving group was the first step.

One of the members posted a brilliant photograph of a beautiful inkle loom, wonderfully polished wood accoutrements, and a gorgeous inkle strap in progress, on the loom. I made the mistake of using a euphemism when I posted a short comment praising the beauty of the product and mentioning that I don't have the "resources." Immediately, someone posted elaborate instructions about how to purchase one of the looms, so I erased my comment and wrote a comment that made it more clear that I didn't have the finances to purchase one at this time.

All hell broke loose.

Crows - Greg Fallis

I felt as if a murder of crows had descended on my head, as a group of women swooped in to slap me around. One woman claimed that I wasn't too poor to purchase a loom because my Facebook profile looked too good. Another claimed that I wasn't too poor to buy an inkle loom because I don't live like people in third world countries. Another accused me of "fishing" for one of these strangers on this random page to buy me a loom! Another said she was sad that someone like me was a member of their group, which is the bottom line, of course. These women banded together to shame me and punish me so that I would leave, which i did.

"A false witness shall not be unpunished; and he that speaketh lies shall not escape."
Proverbs 19:9

Women in these fetid little pockets of privilege do whatever they can to push out anyone who doesn't "belong." It has nothing to do with creative vision or talent. It is ALL about how much money you have. Period. This has been going on for thousands of years, evidently.

Ironically, it is usually women who have not earned their own income who are the worst perpetrators of this kind of exclusionary classism. Women who married well and/or inherited money (or stole it from the inheritance of the children of the man's first wife) are the first to spread rumors about you and impugn your character. Many of these people claim to be very religious and make an effort to display this overt religiosity prominently in their lives. It is a cover, and they are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Bartolome Gonzalez y Serrano

"The things that are sacrificed to them, their priests sell and abuse: in like manner
also their wives take part of them, but give nothing of it either to the sick,
or to the poor."
Baruch 6:27

Being attacked by strangers on Facebook, simply because I dared to mention that I could not afford a weaving loom, is the final piece of my education in human nature which began when I became disabled. 

After I became disabled, I was written out of my father's will (when he was suffering from dementia.) I didn't even know he had died until after his body was cremated, his death certificate signed by a crooked doctor who was sent to prison for writing prescriptions for people he had never seen.

After I became disabled, a sibling contacted me after 12 years of silence, begged my forgiveness for her many sins against me over the years (in a calculated ploy to engage my religious sensibilities), and conned me into a lawsuit against the will, then refused to join it as promised, intentionally leaving me dangling without essential proofs for my case - just so I could be eliminated, leaving the field clear for the sibling. She had paid for the attorney, and there was a conflict of interest in that. She had thought of everything! She plotted against me, pretending to be doing everything FOR me. During the lawsuit, she called me three times a day. As soon as she got what she wanted, she stopped returning calls.

After I became disabled, long term friends who had taken advantage of my friendship dropped me like a hot potato and proceeded to spread lies about me among mutual "friends." 

After I became disabled, the Electroal College placed a misogynistic, lying, racist kleptocrat in the oval office, from whence he has systematically done everything he can to take the food out of the mouths of the poor.

The whole world feels like it is pressing in on me, with the exception of a handful of good Christian women, without whom I would be in terrible condition.

Jesus Christ - the only king I recognize

The words of Jesus have taken on a depth of meaning for me in my old age. He predicted that people would call his name and that He would turn them away, saying that he does not know them. He knew that people would claim to be Christian but do the exact opposite of what He commanded. He knew I would be in this position, and the ball is now in my court.

Now I must forgive everyone who hurts me and pray for everyone who attacks me. I must fight the natural impulse to retaliate and, instead, wish the best for everyone;, including the petty little women who push me out of artistic groups. Of course, "the best" entails that these people will be accepted into heaven and, in order for that to happen, they must obey the commandments of Jesus. One could say that praying for them is enlightened self interest, and I think Jesus is probably OK with that.

I ask that you pray for them also.

 Silver Rose Parnell
(c) Copyright 2018
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Pinocchio from Stantonbury Theatre website

Sunday found me waiting, in vain, again, for the U.S. post office to deliver my 2-day Amazon package. I couldn't take a shower or leave the apartment grounds, for fear of missing the shipment. The cupboards were bare, except for some tuna fish and a loaf of bread that a friend had given me earlier in the week, and I was keen to have something else to eat, and to wash my hair with the special shampoo I'd also ordered.

I rely upon Amazon for most of my groceries, cleaning supplies, paper goods and even my clothing! Being mobility challenged requires it.

The package never arrived, and the computer reported that the carrier could not get access to my apartment, which is poppycock, as every unit is open to the street and we don't have gates or buzzers or ANYTHING that could be perceived as an impediment to access.

Once again, the carrier had lied. Even though U.S. Postal Service has the Amazon contract for Sunday deliveries (and the resultant income), they REFUSE to deliver to anyone who lives in an apartment, basically. They're too lazy to find the individual apartment. None of the apartment offices are open on Sunday. The carrier just takes the packages back to the warehouse. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME because the carriers who they've hired to work on Sundays are not familiar with the route. My customary U.S.P.S. delivery person knows where I am and is completely reliable, but she doesn't work on Sundays.

"Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,
but those who act faithfully are His delight."
~Proverbs 12:22~

The system is set up so that Sunday deliveries simply do not get to me - ever.

One could well ask why don't I just avoid Sunday deliveries, and it's a fair question, except that I get paid once a month and, by the time the 4th week rolls around, the cupboards are empty, likewise the refrigerator is bare, and I am sorely needing many items. I don't have enough income to keep a large stock of anything on hand. As soon as the check hits the bank, I am ordering food and other necessaries. This month, payday was on Friday.

I have reported this problem to my state representative, Michelle Lujan Grisham. Her office is very good about stepping in to help me, as much as they are able. Each time this happens, the Post Office officials say that they will instruct their people, and that it won't happen again, but I strongly suspect that they're laughing at me while they say this because the situation has not changed.

I will literally have to make a federal case out of this and SUE them to get them to do what they are contractually obligated to do. All these years that they have been refusing to provide services, they have been collecting money from Amazon.

Aside from the difficulties that arise with the groceries, I worry about people who lie their way through life. The Lord hates lying lips, Satan is the father of all lies, and I feel bad that so many seem bound for Hell.

Painting of Hell by Heironymous Bosch

"Do not lie to one another,
seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices."
~Colossians 3:9~

I am tired of suffering at the hands of liars. This whole episode makes me rerun in my mind the many times I have been damaged by the lies of other people - people one would never suspect of lying so boldly and outrageously.

Nuns, ministers, priests, government officials, relatives, co-workers and bosses have ALL lied to me and/or about me, usually for filthy lucre, but sometimes to protect themselves from a crime being revealed to the public. 

by Anthony Renardo Flake

"If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue
but deceives his heart,
this person's religion is worthless."
~James 1:26~

I was once even fired by an attorney, for whom I worked as a litigation secretary, because I refused to lie on a document swearing that I had mailed it several days previously. Then he tried to cheat me out of my accrued vacation pay, and I had to go to the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement to get it.

Now we have a president who lies constantly, and does so in a way that is EASILY found out! He says things on camera one day and contradicts them shortly thereafter. People who are trying to work with him say that it is like talking to Jello.

From the top of the food chain to the bottom, in every walk of life, human beings are lying their way through life. I can't imagine how disappointed our dear Lord must be. I pray for them all the time, and I hope that you will also - provided that you yourself are not one of these serial liars, in which case you need to pray for yourself and change your ways. Don't think that lies don't matter! Satan will welcome you in Hell if you use his methods to get your needs met in this world.

"No one who practices deceit shall dwell in my house,
no one who utters lies shall continue before my eyes."
~Psalm 101:7~

Satan devouring souls of the damned in Hell
by Fra Angelico

Monday, February 5, 2018


Silver Rose Parnell

One of the reasons we have so many abortions in our country is that pregnant women require health care, but health care in the United States is too expensive. Health care for all, a type of expanded Medicare that is found in most civilized countries, would eliminate the biggest incentive toward abortion, but Republicans are opposed to universal healthcare.

In fact, Republican jurists on the Supreme Court are responsible for the legalization of abortion. Only one Democrat voted for it. In the ensuing years since Roe v. Wade, Republicans have done little if anything to walk it back. They don't care about abortion. They care about power and money being shifted to a small number of wealthy kleptocrats.

Pro-life sympathizers ignore the facts in favor of the lie that the Republican Party is "pro life." The Republican Party advocates a political environment that is actually completely hostile to life. They oppose health care for all. They oppose regulations to ensure the safety of our air, land and water. They oppose ensuring that all people are paid a living wage.

Donald Trump campaigned on a completely different health plan than what we ended up with. He promised that everyone would be covered, the coverage would be better, and that it would be cheaper. Gullible people took him at his word and voted for him.  Trump, the liar in chief, just wanted the power of the office of president and said what he thought would get him elected.

Here is a LINK to a video in which Donald Trump makes the above-referenced promises.

Trump's administration has eliminated a large segment of health coverage and replaced it with nothing, thereby INCREASING the incentive for abortion.

The Republican Party has control of all houses of our government, The Senate, The House, and The White House. They don't need the Democrats, yet the Republicans have funded Planned Parenthood five (5) times during the last year! Planned Parenthood is the primary provider for abortions in our country. (It was started by Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist who hoped to eliminate the black race and poor people by killing their descendants.)

The ruling party, supposedly the party of pro-life Christians, has created a health care environment that is hurtful to the pro-life cause. Illogically couched in the middle of a soup of hatred toward the poor and minorities is an anti-abortion plank of a platform that makes no ideological sense because it is accompanied by ideas that are hostile to every other aspect of life. The anti-abortion plank is a ruse. It is a device calculated to capture the evangelical vote, and that is all.

Republican Catholics, who appear to be obsessed with ONE PART of the pro-life agenda (abortion), are willing to justify and defend any manner of other types of legislation that are hostile to all other types of life, on the fantasy expectation that Trump will install a pro life judge or two and that the judge will subsequently make sure that Roe v. Wade will be overturned.

Prior to ascending to the throne, Trump claimed he wouldn't be golfing or taking vacations or even a paycheck, he would be such a hard worker. As it stands at this point, he has spent a third of his time in office not actually being in the office. He's been at his country clubs. The paycheck? Yes, he's taking it. Millions of extra dollars are streaming into his pocket because the American have to pay for his considerable entourage to stay in Trump hotels and country clubs while they follow him around on all his infernal vacations.

Here is a LINK to one of the videos in which Trump claims he will not take a salary.

For background on this health insurance aspect of this topic, read this news item: Trump betrays those who believed his health care promises

Before the recent deep cuts to medical coverage for Americans, Medicare and Medicaid ALREADY failed to meet the needs of all the poor people. It only covers those whose income falls at the bottom third of the poverty spectrum. There is a huge segment of our poor people that cannot afford health care at all. Poverty is the most forceful incentive for abortion. Health care for all, which would be an expansion of the Medicare system, basically, would remove that pressure that inclines people toward abortion. If the Republican Party was legitimately "pro life" it would advocate for health care for all its citizens.

There are many other ways in which the Republican party contributes to the culture of abortion. In the other civilized countries, extensive maternity leave is paid for, but we don't have that. Republicans are opposed to a minimum wage, another way in which our people are kept in poverty. They give lip service to providing jobs for people, but those jobs do not pay a living wage. If a woman cannot even support herself, how can she support a baby too? She can't, so she gets an abortion and soldiers on, hoping that some day she can afford a family.

Just this morning, I saw on the news that, for waitstaff who are paid the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour,  the Department of Labor is trying to give waitstaff tips to the owner of the restaurant to be used for any purpose he/she wishes! It is already impossible to support oneself on minimum wage without any help from the outside. This Republican administration is shoving money at the rich while taking it away from the poor!

Let me be clear. It is not the position of the Catholic faith that hurting the poor, the elderly and the sick is an acceptable price to pay in exchange for the off chance that a proven liar and breaker of promises will install pro-life Supreme Court Justices. Nor is it the belief of the Catholic faith that the planet may be deliberately decimated with unclean air and water by disreputable oil and gas corporations.

Doing an evil thing to accomplish a positive thing is against our faith. Anyone who claims differently is wrong. The lives of babies are not more important than the lives of the elderly, the sick or the poor. Life is precious and beloved of God at all stages, and there is no moral caste system, no matter how strident or prestigious the voice that tries to hammer home the false idea that the lives of unborn babies are somehow more valuable than everyone else's and that it is therefore permissible to cause irreparable harm to other innocent populations in a futile effort to make abortion illegal.

Pro life demonstration - Stock photo from Alamy

Furthermore, while it is disgusting that abortion is legal and that there are so many of these murders of little babies being done every day, our problem is not that abortion is legal. Our most obvious problem, after the issue of poverty (that forces people to have abortions) is that people want abortions. People want abortions because the church has not done its job in evangelizing the culture. The Christian Church, in general, has grown lax in its teachings about the blessing of chastity.

Our culture has deteriorated to the extent that women feel compelled to have sex outside marriage or risk the very real possibility of spending their lives alone because men have grown to expect sex outside of marriage and, if you don't give it to them, they will move on to someone who will, while they ridicule your religious fanaticism. Very young women who are naturally more susceptible to peer pressure and terrified of not being considered cool, cooperate in a lifestyle that is not necessarily natural to them.

Television is full of fornication. Magazines and books celebrate it. It is hard for individuals to buck the overwhelming, pervasive messages of our culture, a culture that has been abandoned by Christianity.

How did we get to this point? what is at the root of this horrible moral bankruptcy in our culture that ultimately results in politicians crowing about defunding Medicaid, Meals on Wheels, PBS (Public Broadcasting System), LIHEAP (Once a year help with utility bills for the very poor.), and other much needed programs?

I contend that one of the primary factors occurred early in the 20th century. The relevance will be hard to perceive, at first, but follow the line of reasoning.

Until 1930, contraception was considered a mortal sin in all Christian Churches. Refer to previous posts on this topic for a larger explanation of how it happened that the protestant churches very publicly abandoned this ancient proscription. Eventually, people in the Catholic Church gave tacit consent to it, seeming to ignore completely the very clear teachings in the catechism which reflect the specific Biblical teaching and consistent tradition of the Church.

The approval of contraception by the Christian Church, either directly or tacitly, is responsible for the abortion industry because contraception encourages fornication, and contraception fails, resulting in inappropriately formed "couples" becoming pregnant with children that are not intended or wanted, children that were not created intentionally, in a loving, committed relationship. The killing of babies that results is just the beginning of the damage that is done.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood

The reason that many Christians are so positively hysterical about the issue of abortion is because they know, on some level, that the Christian Church is actually responsible for the death of those babies. If we jump up and down and point at OTHER people, we can create a smoke screen that obscures the truth. Don't look at the man behind the curtain!

I have never heard a homily that dealt with the necessity for chastity for ALL persons who are not in a valid sacramental marriage. Likewise with regard to contraception. I have never read an article by any bishop or cardinal about this topic. That doesn't mean they don't happen. I just haven't seen them, in all the reading I have done...and I do a lot of reading.

What women want, with some exceptions, is to be loved deeply and completely for themselves. They want to be treated with respect and tenderness. They want the undying devotion, love and faithfulness of one good man. Every man, somewhere in his soul, wants to be that one good man. There are perversions in our culture that twist the psyche and convince people they want something else, but, in our hearts, we want to be loved. Even a monastic is engaged in a loving relationship with God that is intense and personal also.

People try to ignore the immense consequences that sin creates in every area of our lives. This is why a loving God sets boundaries for his children, just as we set boundaries for OUR children in order to keep them safe. Children are oblivious to the consequences of their actions. They do not know that sticking their fingers in an electrical socket may kill them.

Perhaps it seems to you that I have run off the rails and that the topic has veered wildly, but it hasn't. Everything is connected. The eradication of abortion is not something that can be merely legislated away.  We also have to deal with the abandonment of our sexual morals and its consequences.

Digging even further down to the root of the abandonment of our moral compass is the loss of our faith. People with weak faith are poor evangelists, or very superficial ones. This is obviously a generalization. Maybe you are a saint and you are reading this and you think I am completely wrong...about you and people you know...and apologies to you, dear saint. I am not talking about you. General trends naturally exclude remarkable exceptions.

Here are the bare bones: Contraception fails, making abortions "necessary,"

The Lord did not give us a temporary set of commandments that were meant to be abandoned by us in the future. None of the wisdom in our Bible and our traditions passed down through the ages was meant to be abandoned in favor of selfishness.

Donald Trump,a malignant nationalist, the consummate con artist, professional liar, the boasting individual unable to work within a group setting where cooperation is key, the nutty conspiracy theorist married to ideologies that cater to the narcissist, is the logical result of the trajectory of immorality of America. This is what you get when you lose your moral compass, which is what is lost when you lose real faith.

When you have a nut case such as Donald Trump at the helm, he brings along with him the rest of the nuts from the asylum from which he has been loosed.

On the other hand, humble and obedient adherence to the commandments of the Lord naturally results in more loving behavior toward all human beings, something that is hard to do without faith rooted in the love of the Lord and not in an intellectual exercise that twists the faith into a self-aggrandizing mechanism for justifying selfishness. This love is reflected in all areas of one's life, including one's political orientation.

Witnesses to "the Miracle of the Sun" in Portugal
(Photograph published in newspaper)

I pray that all of us experience a renewing and refreshment of our faith and, as a natural result, that our precious Catholic Church become refreshed and renewed, not with clever new devices and practices, but in the solid unchanging faith of the ages...the faith of the changeless God.

Finally, I ask that you pray for me so that my faith and practice may be strengthened and that I may also become more regular with my rosary prayers and other devotions.

God bless us all.

Silver Rose