Saturday, July 19, 2014


I have been praying and asking our Lord for some guidance as to his plan for me and what it is, exactly that he wishes for me to do with my life, given that I am disabled and somewhat isolated.  For some time, I believed that I was meant to write a blog advocating for the poor, and I did so for the last few years.  Gradually, however, I came to understand that the blog was not accomplishing what I had hoped and that it was sucking time away that could be better spent in prayer and meditation.  I have erased the entries, except for this one.

When I left the Hindu convent many years ago, I imagined that I may become a Catholic nun or sister, continuing in the community life I enjoyed while a Hindu nun, but numerous obstacles were laid in my path, until no other life but what I am living now seems feasible.

Sometimes God shows you His plan for you by putting you in the position of having nothing else to do!  This is particularly good for hard-headed people like me.  God has arranged it so that I have the inclination, the time and the private space in which to live a contemplative life dedicated to Him.

To this end, I am working on establishing a better monastic schedule and routine, as much as my disabilities and mundane logistics will allow.  I will try to pray always, either among the pots and pans in the kitchen or in front of my personal altar.  I ask that you pray for me that I will have the strength to do this.

When I was a nun in the convent, we lived on donations as well as the income from a book catalogue.  Similarly, I live on a small disability income, donations, and the occasional sale of a painting or baby blanket.  If you are interested in purchasing a painting or a baby blanket, they will be displayed on  In addition, a donation button is included on this page.

If you would like me to include you in my prayers, please write me with your intentions and I will pray for you.  In the meantime, God bless you all.

Silver Rose Parnell