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While it is true that I need assistance, I have always written in order to advocate for ALL people in the vulnerable classes of the elderly and the disabled, since those two groups comprise the majority of of the poor in America. I want EVERYONE to have decent food, clothing, housing and medical care. EVERYONE.

This blog has never been about me, except insofar as I am a perfect example of the blameless poor who have needs that are not met because our American personality is so miserly and self-centered that it begrudges every cent spent on the poor, even when the presently poor have spent their whole lives contributing into "the system."

All the grandmas and grandpas are surprised when they become too frail or sick to work and then discover that "the system" is not going to help them at all, or very little.

Social Security is a type of insurance policy, but it has never kept up with the cost of living, and every year that I live, I become poorer and poorer, as do all the other grandmas and grandpas. I have been writing for all of them...not just myself. I had hoped to advocate for them, but I doubt that the people who need to be reached with this message are reading my blog.

I have also been writing for a subset of this larger group - people who have dedicated their golden years to the Lord and whose minds have a contemplative bent.

I have used myself as an example of the poor, in order to disprove the lies that are circulating about us at this time. Here I am, a person who doesn't smoke, drink or take drugs; someone who has worked her entire life but has become poor due to disability; someone who is morally upright and devoted to the Lord; and I am not unusual. I am, in fact, an example of the MAJORITY of poor people in our country. We are poor, not because we are bad, but because we have no money.

Sure, there are some dishonest people who are poor. Every socio-economic class has a criminal minority. The con artists among the poor are easier to spot because they don't do a very good job of it...which is probably why they are still poor.

Writing this blog has taken thousands of hours, with embarrassingly meager results. My disabilities have grown worse, and it now takes a long time to do the simplest of household chores. I cannot get the help I need to keep the household tidy, so, all things considered, I have to stop writing the blog. I can't afford the time.

I have come to the precipice of this decision several times before, but because hope springs eternal, and because I am a natural writer, I fell back into writing the blog, but I have to stop myself. If I am going to spend half my day writing something, it should be something for which I am remunerated. It is only practical, since the fact remains that my survival is threatened.

I have retired most of what I wrote, with the exception of those topics for which I did a lot of research and others of possible interest.

If anything has any lasting value, I may resurrect it in a book, otherwise, this post is the end of this series of musings and lessons. I will update it, now and then, to reflect any current news or needs, but no fresh posts will be produced.

I hope that everyone who reads this takes away a piece of very important information. People keep telling me, with great assurance, that there are lots of programs in America that provide all the needs of the poor. This is a complete myth.

The Federal rules that govern payments for all services and durable medical goods are geared to only help those people who, without said services and durable medical gear, would end up in a nursing home.

The focus is on the system, and not on the needs of the patient who is paying insurance premiums. Nursing homes are hugely expensive, and if Medicare can keep you out of one by throwing you a couple of less expensive services, they'll do it.

If you aren't on the verge of being consigned to a nursing home, you are out of luck, with the exception of getting a little help toward paying for doctor visits.

If you simply NEED a scooter and a housekeeper to maintain your health, hygiene, mobility and function, Medicare doesn't care. They are happy to let you live in filth and resort to eating peculiar things because you can't get to the store.

Medicare does not give a fig if I have been sleeping in my recliner for the last 2 years because I don't have the bed I need. They don't care if my pain is so bad that, even with pain pills, it is agony to walk the dog. They don't care if I am home bound and unable to shop more than once every month or two. They do not care, because the American people do not care.

The assumption is also made that everyone has family of some sort to care for them. THAT is also a big fat lie. Even those people who HAVE family, are often abandoned by them. In my case, I am more isolated than most. I come from a very small family, the tiny remnant of which is extremely selfish and self-centered. You might be shocked at the lies that were told to justify writing me out of my father's will after he got Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinsons. (I DO have some very nice, distant relatives that I found through genealogy research who have never met me, are not particularly Christian, and who do not know me well enough to be unkind to me. )

GREED is at the heart of all the problems of the poor. America is rich in resources, yet almost half of our population is too poor to pay any taxes. (The reason WHY is because most of the poor are elderly and/or disabled. This problem has nothing to do with illegal aliens. People living in this country illegally do not have the means to qualify for any government programs, and there is no way to "fake" it, despite the strongly held beliefs of many people.)

Since I cannot get any help through Medicare or any local services, I have decided to leave the DONATE BUTTON active on this Diary, in the dim hope that help will come from elsewhere. Paypal will notify me if anyone contributes.

In the middle ages, an anchoress who was disabled and poor but who spent her life praying for the people of the village, was appreciated and supported. Those were the days when people really believed in God, heaven and hell. Times have changed. People either have a very weak faith, or they're paranoid that I am some kind of scam artist. I offer to give references, but I suppose even those are not trusted.

Items I currently need and on which I will spend donations are:
(1) Electric bed with tempurpedic or similar mattress;
(2) Car that can accommodate a lift for a scooter;
(3) Mobility scooter with ergonomic, soft seat;
(4) Housekeeper for shopping and cleaning.

OBVIOUSLY, these items require thousands of dollars. I am working on some art projects and a book from which I hope to get some income, but creative projects are always a long shot, as I am sure you all realize.

I had hoped to devote all my time to prayer and contemplation on behalf of the world when I became disabled. I had long desired to return to monastic life, and I saw it as an opportunity to do that. I was not prepared for my disabilities to multiply and worsen, but that is life. I must accept it.

I will post a notice on this page when my art works are available online and/or when my book is published.

If you do nothing else after reading this blog post, I ask that you please refrain from telling people that there are services available to help everyone. It isn't true. Just do that. Please. Even if you can't donate. Even if you don't pray for me. At least tell the truth to everyone you know.

I will continue to pray for all of you. I will be available for correspondence, if you leave a comment on this post. The blog is set up to intercept comments before they are published, so I will receive your message and respond to you, without publishing your communication.

The blog has been a joy to write, at times. I would like to thank the few people who responded to it, and I apologize to regular readers, if any, who may miss it.

May you all have peace and blessedness. May the Lord cause his light to shine down upon you.

Silver Rose
(c) Copyright 2017
All rights reserved.

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