Saturday, April 29, 2017


Saint Luke, painting Our Blessed Mother
and Baby Jesus

While I am crocheting lace chapel veils in the evening, carefully executing each blessed stitch made of fine crochet thread, I endeavor to say at least a few prayers over my work, after having dedicated the entire work session to the Lord's will in whatever person may use the object I am creating. Sometimes, it is a danger to repeat, for instance, the Jesus prayer, because I feel a deep thrill in my heart at the sound of his name, and I lose a few moments in happiness, perhaps missing a stitch and having to rework it.

I am so terribly grateful to have been led to our beautiful Lord, that I may even shiver at the thought of what might have become of me if the Lord's grace had not descended upon me, allowing me to begin to know him. It is such a treasure!

To become part of His family, when my earthly family was so wretched and devoted to their sin, is a bloomin' miracle. I was well on my way to sliding straight into hell myself, had the Lord not showered me with his grace, thanks be to God!

The Lord is Risen! He is risen indeed. He is risen in our hearts, in the depths of our being. Let us all adore Him in gratitude and love.

My quick thought for the day.

Silver Rose


  1. Lovely thoughts, beautifully expressed. And a prayer for all those who wander in darkness, including your family members. Because it is not His will that any should perish . . .

  2. Yes. It is not his will that any should perish. He did give us free will, however, and many WILL. He said that, in the end, people would call to him, saying, "Lord, Lord," and he would tell them to depart from Him, that He did not know them. We do not know who these people will be. Only the Lord knows who they are. I pray fervently for ALL those who have rejected our dear Jesus, remembering the story Jesus told of the tares and the wheat, how the tares would be allowed to grow up among the wheat, looking very much LIKE the wheat, but a false image nonetheless. On the day of judgment...the day of the harvest, the tares and wheat shall be separated, and the tares will be thrown upon a pile and burnt. My heart aches for those whose behavior is contrary to what the Lord commands, and, indeed, I pray for them very much. I am grateful to know that others, like you, also pray for them. Every day I try to pray THREE TIMES at least:

    Lord, may all souls come to you and to your holy Catholic Church.

    Even simple DREAMS of heaven, certainly a pale imitation of what awaits us, is just glorious. I hate to think that anyone would lose the chance to spend time with our Lord in that place for eternity.

    THANK YOU SALLY, for being my sister in Christ.

    God bless you.

    Silver Rose