Monday, May 30, 2016


Part of my living room shrine

I have written blogs for the last 4 or 5 years now, but have decided to retire the majority of my posts. It was never my idea to put myself "out there" in that way, but after several strong encouragements by a former friend, I began to write. She had anticipated this as a means of gaining some support for my solitary monastic life, since I have no community, but this did not happen. Not only did I receive almost nothing for my efforts, but the cost of internet and the upkeep of a computer proved to be extra expenses for which I do not possess the resources.

In addition, the time taken to research my posts distracted from my primary contemplative mission of prayer. I enjoyed the writing, especially my forays into educational topics, but the world can easily live without my musings on information that is available elsewhere.

For myself, I prefer reading the original saints and doctors of the church, as well as the Bible (of course!) and almost never read blogs. In that vein, I encourage the same for everyone. Blogs are a waste of our time, for the most part. Now that I have realized this, I am chastened by disappointment that I did come to this fact sooner!

There are many elderly, disabled ladies like myself who have dedicated the remainder of their lives to the Lord, however, and I wouldn't like to lose track of my fellow hermitesses, anchorites and other holy people, so I leave this page, by way of a method of contacting me, should they wish it.

If you leave a message on this blog, it will find its way to me. Forward your email address, and I will contact you.

In the meantime, may the Lord's blessings be upon you daily, and may our Blessed Mother lead you by the hand to Jesus.

In Jesus' precious name, I remain your friend,

Silver Rose Parnell


  1. Hi Silver Rose,

    I enjoy your blog, which I just found today. I'm beginning to live a semi-hermit life in a small town in Alabama. I'm lucky to have my basic needs met by a small pension. I have trouble being with people as I often feel their inner emotions as my own. I wonder if part of knowing our connection to the universe, seeing God in everyone, means one can no longer separate oneself. If you would like to be in contact, I'm at marycarolmoran at hotmail dot com. Hope you have a joyful day,


  2. Dear Mary Carol ~
    Thank you for your kind message and for trusting us with your personal history and situation. I highly recommend making an appointment with your parish priest with regard to your vocation. You say that "I have trouble being with people as I often feel their inner emotions as my own." Problems with interpersonal relationships such as this should be explored with a psychiatrist and/or a counselor (preferably a Catholic one.) Becoming a hermit in response to problems in relationships is a dangerous solution. You MAY have a genuine vocation to the eremitical life, but, if you do, it is being masked by a problem in your relationships with others. While illness and other limiting circumstances can be blessings in one's life as a hermit and CAN contribute to your charism, what you describe does not sound healthy. I strongly recommend finding a Catholic spiritual director who is absolutely obedient to the faith AND a psychiatric counselor so that you can parse out the separate issues and see where your true vocation lies. Peace and blessings on you!