Thursday, September 17, 2015


"The Word is living, being, spirit, all verdant greening,
all creativity.  This Word manifests itself in every creature."
~ Saint Hildegard of Bingen ~

I idolize Saint Hildegard of Bingen and wish I could be more like her.  Thanks be to God, we have preserved her history and some of her work down through time.  Pope Francis recently named her as a doctor of the church.

Hildegard was gifted with multiple talents.  Musician, theologian, poet, preacher, scientist, nun.  Her contributions to the mystical heart of the Catholic Church are incalculable.  I first read about her in the Vedanta styled Hindu convent in which I was a nun for a few years before discovering Christianity.  She was largely responsible for changing my perception of the Catholic Church and its hidden heart.  I say "hidden" because our modern world is obsessed with politics and nationalism and has lost sight of the beauty and joy at the heart of the faith.  Hildegard did not have such problems. She was at the center.

Today is her feast day and, in commemoration of her, i will do something earthy and creative.  I don't know what it will be, there are so many areas in which she had her fingers.  There is even a cookbook dedicated to her, which I assume contains some of her recipes.  I will have to get it one day.  Perhaps I will cook something simple and organic and nourishing in her honor this evening.

As a side note, I ask for Saint Hildegard's prayers and intercession for a suffering soul today, an alcoholic woman who is lashing out at people who have only tried to help her.  So gripped is she by the disease that she has blackouts and doesn't remember what she does or says while under the influence of alcohol.

In olden days, they used to call it "demon rum," and the prohibitionists inveighed against it, promising that its removal from the public square would solve the problems of the afflicted, but it didn't work, because alcoholism is just a symptom of a far deeper problem of the soul.

Saint Hildegard of Bingen, you who were a healer in life, be now a healer in heaven and pray for all the suffering souls who are in thrall to alcohol.  Pray for all people who suffer from addictions, Saint Hildegard, that Christ's light will shine through the darkness of their addictions so that they may become healed.

Lord, save us all.

Silver Rose Parnell
(c) 2015, All rights reserved

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